Travel Guide For Belize

By | March 29, 2024

Travel Guide For Belize – I fell in love when I first traveled to Belize in 2015. When I returned in 2016, Belize became one of them.

A place that feels special to me, a place that I can find again and again because there are so many things. So many places that meant something to me and always wanted to see.

Travel Guide For Belize

Although I enjoyed telling friends and family about both trips. But I’m a planner at heart and love putting trips together. So instead of telling my experiences one story at a time. So I created this guide in hopes of convincing anyone reading this to go to Belize soon. I’ve included plenty of pictures for those of you with visual acuity (yes, I decided).

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Belize is a mixture of many cultures, including Maya, Creole, Mennonite, Guatemalan, Chinese, and others. Each region has its own personality, especially when it comes to food. Island and coastal stews, rice, beans, lobster, and fresh conch are staples of the Belizean diet. Or a gelato dessert prepared by an Italian expat. All these foods are universally good.

It also has a rich Mayan history. Mayan ruins are scattered throughout the country. Most contain human remains and/or pottery. The small size of the country means you can walk through the caves. Spend the afternoon exploring traditional Mayan pottery. After a few hours we reached the beach.

People are incredibly kind. Everyone speaks English and accepts US dollars, making it convenient for American travelers. This country itself is amazing. From the rolling Mayan Mountains to the clear turquoise waters of the Cays. Back to the jungles of Cayo to the yellow sands of Placentia. In short: Belize has something for everyone. I want to read a book under a palm tree if you want adventure. Or eat, eat, eat and Belize should be your new happy place.

There is a lot of conflicting information about the best time to visit Belize. Both are in the rainy season. End of June 2015 and beginning of May this year. Half of the 2015 trip was rained out, but it didn’t affect travel plans.

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This year I visited at the end of the dry season. As a result, rainfall was low. But it is hot inside the earth. With temperatures in the forest above 100 degrees, it all depends on the risks you’re willing to take: low prices, fewer tourists, and less chance of rain. Or high prices and big crowds without rain?

Perfect for a 10 day relaxing vacation. Spend half a day at Belize’s classic “surfing” San Ignacio and the other half on the beach or islands. I recommend starting your trip with an adventure in San Ignacio (at least 3-4 full days) and ending your beach vacation at Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker, or Placencia.

Located in San Ignacio Forest. West of Belize, near the Guatemalan border. Offers easy access to countless adventure tours. Attractions include the infamous ATM Caves, the Mayan ruins of Xunantunich, Cahal Pech, and Caracol, as well as cave tubing, horseback riding, and nature tours. Day trips to Tikal, Guatemala are also popular. Although I haven’t been there yet, next time!

There is nothing quite like falling asleep at night to the sounds of howler monkeys, birds, frogs and other wildlife. If you’re visiting on the weekend there’s a huge farmer’s market in the heart of town every Saturday morning. Check out the next section of this post to see the specific activities I recommend in the area, which is the largest market in the country. Including accommodation and restaurants.

San Pedro, Belize Travel Guide

Although Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker are located close to each other, it is a big debate when choosing a beach destination in Belize. But the atmosphere of each island is completely different.

Ambergris Caye is a tourist destination. But it’s huge and there’s so much to explore. Expect the price to go up a bit. But Caye Caulker has similar activities. I spent 5 days with a group of 7 women in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, which was perfect for our large group. We walked, swam off the pier, snorkeled, and drank cocktails. the beach

The motto on tiny Caye Caulker Island is “Go Fast.” Everyone rides bikes, walks or drives golf carts. It is very easy to spend time here doing nothing. Even though it is busy, the pace is very slow and the atmosphere is very cool. One good thing about Caye Caulker is that there is more beach space. You can lie on the sand and swim from the beach. Unlike Ambergris, “Beach” is very narrow and behaves like a sidewalk.

I like ambergris. There is so much to explore, Palapa Bar and Estelle’s Dine by the Sea were some of my favorites from my 2015 trip. I think it’s great for any type of vacation, and Caye Caulker is great for day trips. Returning is easy by water taxi

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Placencia is by far my favorite beach spot in Belize. The village is small and easy to explore on foot. The food was amazing and not as crowded as the other islands and the snorkeling on the islands is amazing. The day John and I spent snorkeling around the protected islands in the Caribbean at Laughing Bird Cay is still a regular part of my daydreams.

Moreover, Placentia is also a city that supports tourism. But it still retains its charm. There is a lot of residential development going on in the upper part of the peninsula. But the village still resembles a small seaside town. In Florida, which I really love.

Placencia is not a hub for nightlife. The ride is very slow and the bar is not busy and closes before midnight. But that’s my style. If you are happy to spend relaxing days on the beach and sea. Eat ice cream for lunch and nap on the island to end the day with a cocktail, a visit to Placencia is a good idea.

This area makes an easy stopover on the way to San Ignacio. This zoo is small but full of personality and native Belizean wildlife. The zoo’s mission is to educate visitors about the country’s incredible wildlife. And the importance of protecting each species of animal. Throughout the area there are beautiful hand painted signs with facts and sayings about the animals. I felt very happy when I saw the mullah being fed. Along with talking to the parrots and watching the toucans pose for photos.

Belize Travel Guide

A small B&B 5 minutes from San Ignacio (by car), with a lush forest atmosphere and an amazing host, Claudia, who cooks delicious food. Breakfast and dinner are available daily upon request. Consider booking the Villa Vista or Tree House (with jungle shower). Claudia will help you plan your activities. Take the stress out of planning your trip. And after two visits I trust her advice 100%.

Don’t miss the ATM cave tours. You will spend hours swimming in caves and rock climbing. Until you reach a large cave filled with pottery and traditional Mayan artifacts. One of the most amazing experiences of my life, aside from a fully crystallized human skeleton.

Caracol Maya Ruins with K’in Vinik Tours: I loved this experience so much I wrote an entire blog post about it.

If you want to try a half-day tour, go to Xunantunich and go horse riding. Horseback riding in Belize is a little different than in the States. (There is no useful platform to get on that horse. You have to cross the river on a hand-drawn ferry) It’s really fun. You can also get a guide who can give you an introduction to everything you see of historical importance to choose another travel route to the site.

Placencia Belize Travel Guide + Our Stay At Laru Beya

Kahal Pech is another favorite – it’s a residential ruin and has lush forests. Located outside of San Ignacio. You only need a few hours to see everything and explore at your own pace.

It pairs perfectly with a trip to Kahal Pech because it’s in town. Basically you will walk into an open cage full of iguanas. The guide then places iguanas all over you, which is really fun and makes for some great pictures!

Quo aux han ah has a delicious (and cheap) chicken stew with rice and lentils, but I have to admit that I haven’t been to another restaurant since Claudia’s cooking at Vanilla Hills is so delicious! If you join the full day tour (ATM, Caracol) mentioned above, you will be provided with lunch. If you are in town on Saturday try to buy fresh fruits and snacks.

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