Best Gay Destination Europe

By | March 29, 2024

Best Gay Destination Europe – Our selection of the best gay holiday destinations in Europe to inspire you and help you plan your next gay holiday.

Fast forward 20 years and we are both living our dream of seeing the world, one amazing continent at a time. Europe is our favorite. Of course we are biased as we are from here – Stefan is British/Greek Cypriot and Sebi is from France.

Best Gay Destination Europe

We traveled a lot in Europe growing up and also together as a gay couple. Of course, some places stood out to us more than others, so we’ve listed the best gay holiday destinations in Europe from our personal experience:

Which Countries Are Best For Lgbtq+ Travellers?

For us, Sitges is one of the most popular gay holiday destinations in Europe. It is a small coastal town about 45 minutes by train from Barcelona. For decades it was a well-known LGBTQ mecca, full of many gay men who mostly congregated together

Sitges’ gay scene is huge and always buzzing. Parrots is the main bar. It’s our favorite meeting place, and the perfect spot for people-watching, with chairs and tables facing the audience. We always start our gay night in Sitges at Parrots and then head down Joan Tarrida street where there are many bars that

A gay bar that is one of the best places for drag shows, cabaret, piano singing and blues singers.

Sitges Pride is held every June and is one of the best gay prides you could ask for. With beach games, loud music, plenty of drinks and queens of all shapes and sizes, Sitges Pride really gives the true meaning of what

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Other fantastic gay events to check out in Sitges include Carnival in February-March, International Bear Week in April-May, another Bear Week in early September and the International Fantasy Film Festival in October.

The island of Mykonos is a place rich in history, culture and many parties. In the summer (May to October) gay Mykonos comes alive and becomes one big fabulous gay mecca. July and August are definitely the high season when it gets very busy, especially around the big gays

As for gay bars/clubs, they can be found in Mykonos town in the northwest of the island.

Captured our hearts, with some of the funniest drag shows happening every night during the summer months. next to

Lgbt Rights In Europe

When you’re overwhelmed by all the gorgeous topless gay men in speedos. This is one of the biggest and best gay beach parties in Europe.

Listen to us. We know Israel isn’t technically part of Europe, even though they have some of the best Eurovision parties and have had iconic winners like Dana International and Netta who are superstars across the continent. However, we’ve included Tel Aviv because the city feels like you’re in Europe, it’s a stone’s throw from Europe, and it’s a major LGBTQ mecca that you must visit while vacationing in the region. Moreover, we believe that Tel Aviv Pride in mid-June is one of the best Prides in the world.

City. Gay-gay-gay everywhere, especially on the beaches. These hot Israeli gay guys aren’t shy and we love them for it! Although there are not many gay bars in Tel Aviv, the gay scene thrives around weekly parties and events such as

Just a warning – like Spain, Israelis have late hen parties, so the gay bars/clubs in Tel Aviv don’t open until after 1am!

The Best Gay Saunas In Europe

As one of the best gay beach parties in the world. As if there weren’t any gay people in Tel Aviv, around 250,000 gay people from all over the world flock to the city for Pride every June. Impressive for a city of only 450,000 people!

Gran Canaria is like Spain’s naughty step. At a time when the Catholic Church held the nation by the throat, all criminals and social deviants were banished to the Canary Islands and left to fend for themselves. Among these “deviants” were homosexuals, and naturally many of them ended up there. As the generations passed, the island became a society of super tolerant people. Of course the island is small. But what he lacks in size, he makes up for in heart.

Many gays visit the Yumbo Center, a shopping mall filled with gay bars, clubs, shops and restaurants. There are tons of gay hangouts to choose from, so the best advice is to just go there and find out for yourself. One of our favorite bars

, which features hilarious Spanish drag shows with classic Latin hits. As for clubs,

Top 10 Gay Beaches In Europe

The island organizes many parades throughout the year. Maspalomas Pride is the main one that takes place in May. Come back in October

Oh, Italy…where it’s almost impossible to tell the gays from the straights. Our guides were never more confused than when we first arrived on the beaches of Apulia. Italian men (gay and straight) take good care of their bodies and are proud of what they wear. And we love them for it! Puglia is an extraordinary region in Italy that has become increasingly popular with LGBTQ travelers over the years, especially after the country legalized same-sex unions in 2016.

Most of the gay parties in Puglia are quite spread out, so we strongly advise you to rent a car. We toured the region, stopping in Gallipoli and visiting the cultural gems of Lecce, Ostuni, Alberabello, Polignano a Mare and Otranto.

In Gallipoli. As for gay beaches, you’ll need a car to get to D’Ayala nudist beach, which is about 1 hour north of Gallipoli. Lecce is another cultural gem in Puglia that cannot be missed wherever you find it

Best Gay Friendly Destinations In Europe

. Bari is the region’s main transport hub with a small gay population and even a gay sauna –

The most important is the Pride of Puglia (usually in Bari), which takes place every August. It’s full of rainbow colors, excited crowds and gorgeous weather. The parade itself is a lot of fun, culminating in an epic beach party at Lido Port do Sol. Visitors dance on the sand in bathing suits to funky dance music, sip cocktails and enjoy their LGBTQ

…Ibiza, the party capital of the Mediterranean, is an island filled with crazy nightclubs and even a gay nudist beach. We all know the fun doesn’t start until the gays show up, so add some geek magic to Spain’s tropical nightlife.

This is another gem that was one of the original gay bars on the island that is still going strong. Also check out the weekly magazine

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After a good night’s sleep, you may find yourself throwing away all your clothes

– gay nudist beach on the island. During the day it is a great place to relax with white sand and blue sea, surrounded by green hills and many naked gays. Between tanning sessions

Filled with drag shows, film screenings, DJs and dance parties, the Spanish island’s Pride event attracts thousands of people from around the world. It takes place every year in mid-June under the scorching Mediterranean sun. The festival ends with a parade through Ibiza town, followed by many parties.

Barcelona is the birthplace of Spain’s LGBTQ movement. The city is known for being very gay-friendly and the whole area is made for us. The

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) is filled with LGBTQ shops, bars, cafes, restaurants, clubs and hotels. You can spend your entire trip at Gaixample and never get bored!

Barcelona’s gay scene is incredible. With a twisted mix of drag bars, hedonist clubs and dance halls, there really is something for everyone. Some of our favorite gay bars in Barcelona include

Mar Bella is Barcelona’s main gay beach and one of our favorite gay beaches in all of Europe. There are a lot of people here in the summer months, especially in August

The best gay events in Barcelona are Circuit in August and Pride in June. Circuit Festival is a week full of parties with plenty of muscle hungry people who have probably taken a break from Tel Aviv Pride, arrived at Circuit Barcelona and probably then headed to Mykonos for

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! Meanwhile, the Pride festival is as vibrant and fabulous as ever, and we love it! Learn more about our experience at Barcelona Pride.

There’s nothing more fun than sitting under a pitch-black sky and watching it light up with swirling patches of green. The Northern Lights are basically nature’s way of saying it

Whatever the purpose of your trip to Iceland, an excursion beyond the Arctic Circle is a must – but remember that the chances of seeing one of the wonders of the world will be greater if you go in the winter months.

The city of Reykjavík is a fantastic city in an incredibly gay-friendly country. The gay scene is more alive than you can imagine

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