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Travel Information For Esta – Do I have to show return tickets to a US airport with ESTA as a German?

I am planning to fly from Spain to USA – San Francisco with German citizenship. I have already received my ESTA

Travel Information For Esta

I read in every source that you need a backflight to get an ESTA. I filled out the ESTA form some time ago without return tickets. I’m not sure if they wrote something like “return tickets must be shown at the airport”. Do I need return tickets or is it just optional?

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Yes, you must have another non-US (technically non-North American) ticket to enter the United States using the Visa Waiver Program.

Before departure, the airline will check at check-in whether you have a valid ESTA authorization and another ticket. If they can’t confirm automatically, they will ask for proof of your next flight. If you do not have an ESTA and another ticket, you will not be able to board.

After your flight, when you arrive in the U.S. If you are interviewed at an immigration checkpoint, you may be asked to show proof of this additional ticket. You will also be asked how long you will be staying (and if you have another ticket, you know how long that is). If you cannot answer these questions, you will likely be denied entry.

Please note that these tickets do not necessarily have to be return/return tickets – they may be round-trip tickets to a different country entirely. They just have to meet the requirement to leave North America within the time frame allowed.

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You must be logged in to answer this question. Not the answer you were looking for? Browse other questions tagged usaus-visa-waiver-programgerman-citizensproof-of-onward. All travelers must complete an ESTA application or issue a valid ESTA before attempting to enter the US without a visa.

In the following text, we will explain what requirements apply to ESTA and how to submit an ESTA application.

The ESTA application or ESTA authorization is an electronic travel authorization, called the Electronic Travel Authorization System. The ESTA confirmation is part of the Visa Waiver Program (VISA Waiver Program / VWP) and is a mandatory requirement if you want to travel to the USA without a visa.

US ESTA Application Applications are submitted online at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) website or at our ESTA partner website at

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An ESTA application can be submitted without a specific travel date. However, it is important to obtain ESTA approval before traveling by ship or plane. Here you will learn why it is important to submit your application on time.

In our experience, a decision on your ESTA application is still usually made within 24 hours. However, as there is no guarantee, we recommend that all travelers apply for an ESTA before booking their flight to the US to avoid domestic and visa issues if your ESTA is rejected. .

Once you have gathered all the important information about your planned trip to the United States, you can fill out the ESTA application fairly quickly. The ESTA application should not take more than 30 minutes.

As of December 2022, US citizens allowed to transfer information from the machine-readable part of the passport directly to the ESTA application. When applying for ESTA, you need to upload a photo of your passport to the Customs and Border Protection website.

Screen Shot Of The Electronic System For Travel Authorisation (esta) For Those Applying For A Visa To Enter The United States Stock Photo

Photos in gif, png, jpg or jpeg format can easily be uploaded to your computer, laptop or app. The data will be loaded, which you should check again.

Due to the sensitivity of the system, we recommend taring the application information via a desktop computer or laptop.

In both cases, it is important that the machine-readable part of your passport, i.e. the bottom two lines, take up the entire width of the photo in order for them to be read correctly.

If you have a new passport (recognizable by the thin outer cover), it can also be used for applications via the app. In this case, the smartphone reads the data directly from the passport’s RFID chip via the ESTA application.

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Depending on the quality of the photo, it is quite possible that the data will be transferred incorrectly and therefore your ESTA application will be invalid. So you should check the data that was transferred when you uploaded your passport.

For holders of new passports (issued after 2017), it will now be possible to apply for an ESTA via the application from 2023. Through the ESTA application, applicants are easily guided through the entire process.

Some questions in the ESTA application are mandatory fields. This means that some of the information required in the ESTA application is mandatory.

In previous years, the ESTA form always included the obligation to provide information about your behavior on social networks. This is currently an optional question and is no longer part of the mandatory data in the ESTA application.

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In addition to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, applicants could enter other social media accounts if available. No password was required.

Frequently asked questions about the ESTA form and input fields are answered in our instructions for completing the ESTA application form.

The US authorities charge a fee of USD 21 per person for the ESTA application. The ESTA fee consists of the following:

Payment can only be made by credit card, debit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover (JCB, Diners Club) or PayPal).

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If the ESTA number is dialed, $4 will be withheld for the process and only $17 will be refunded.

You can check your ESTA status or the processing status of an existing ESTA application on the official ESTA website.

When checking the ESTA status or after completing the ESTA application, one of the following three response options will appear:

This is usually the period for which ESTA approval is awaited. US authorities usually decide on your ESTA application within 72 hours.

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All other information cannot be changed later. When you click on the official ESTA website under “Check ESTA Status” and click “Update”, you will be taken to a well-organized page where you can check these two pieces of information and change them if necessary.

If you have made a typo in your passport or biographical details and do not realize the mistake until the application has been paid for and approved, you must submit a new ESTA application. The previous ESTA application will be reset and thus “overwritten”.

Please note that you must also apply for a new ESTA authorization when you are issued with a new or changed passport.

In addition, the ESTA application consists of nine security questions that applicants sometimes misunderstand and inadvertently answer “yes”. If the answer to the security question is “yes”, this usually results in an automatic rejection of the electronic travel authorization.

Official Esta Application Website, U.s. Customs And Border Protection

To simplify the process on the part of the US authorities, you should provide as accurate information as possible when contacting them, such as selecting the keyword “ESTA” in the “Subject” section and the answer option “I have an ESTA or” in the “Problem” section cannot board”. In an ideal In this case, you should also include the following points in your problem glossary (“description”):

If the US office does not respond or the application is not reset, it should be noted that rejection of the electronic travel authorization means suspension of the visa-free attempt to enter the US. In this case, the person must be in the US. (B-1 for business travel or B-2 for vacation) must apply for a visa.

For those who need help with their ESTA application, it can also be booked through agcy. Our partner company’s dedicated team assists US travelers with the application process for an additional fee.

It is possible that incorrect information was entered into the ESTA form by mistake. Unfortunately, most of the information cannot be updated after the payment has been made through the ESTA system.

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If you believe that your ESTA application has been lost due to a misrepresentation, we encourage you to contact CBP and contact us. Here you have the option to describe your request in detail. In individual cases, the ESTA application may be reset by the responsible US authority so that you can submit a new ESTA application. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the ESTA application will be reset.

In addition, it is always possible that the ESTA application will be rejected without making false statements or knowing the reason. There can be several reasons, e.g

As there is no guarantee that an ESTA application will be approved, we recommend submitting the electronic travel authorization during the travel planning process – at least 72 hours before departure.

If your ESTA application has been rejected and cannot be reset, you will need to travel to the US. must apply for a visa at an eligible US consulate.

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We will be happy to help you with your tourist visa application, contact us for a consultation.

Note: After ESTA

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