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Best Travel Agencies In Mozambique

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The Portuguese-speaking African continent (abbreviated as PALOP) is the term used to refer to African countries whose language is Portuguese. They are: Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique and Sao Tome and Principe. The Tradition …Each month, Kristin Addis from Be My Travel Muse offers tips on women’s travel. It’s such an important topic that I can’t go into detail, so I’ve brought in an expert to share some tips for other solo travelers! Here it is with another amazing story!

Mozambique is not an unusual country for traffickers. It is rumored to be difficult and dangerous and is visited by only a few travelers.

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But I discovered that once I got to Mozambique, most of what I heard was wrong.

Yes, it’s a bit difficult to get into, with long bus journeys and lots of small cars. And yes, I have to keep my wits about me because that’s always important when you’re traveling alone.

It’s affordable too. Mozambique is the only country I’ve been to where I didn’t have to pay double to get a bungalow to myself as a solo traveler. It is one of the places where I can buy a coconut for about ten cents, a mango for five cents, and a whole fish that can feed three people for about MZN 380.

Also, there are interesting and fun things to do in Mozambique that you can’t do anywhere else, especially in a cheap and crowded place like Tofo.

Why Going Alone To Mozambique Was The Best Decision Ever

Located in the south of Mozambique, Tofo Beach is a small coastal town with a pleasant atmosphere. It’s an amazing place to snorkel, see whale sharks, lounge on the beach, and more. Here’s how to make the most of your time here:

Tofo is home to many famous dive sites known for seeing large sea creatures. Whales, dolphins, whale sharks, and manta rays are known to abound in the warm, food-rich waters of Mozambique.

You can also compete with other surfers for the best pages. There are only two diving groups in Tofo, such as Tofo Scuba, which charges about 3,200 MZN per dive (includes equipment rental). This means that if you see a whale underwater, there will not be hundreds of other tourists jumping into the water with you like in the Maldives and the Philippines.

Tofo is the only beach I’ve ever visited where tourism is actually on the decline. Usually, I visit the beach, only to find it completely ruined when I return after a few years, full of tourists. Mozambique is different for a few reasons, namely the difficulty of getting there and the lack of information about it.

Mozambique Offers More To See Than The Seaside: Travel Weekly

This means that the people you meet are usually adventurous travelers. They can be Peace Corps volunteers on summer vacation, people from Australia or the States who work in agriculture, South Africans, or other travelers who have already been to Africa and arrived there illegally.

The beaches are still beautiful, the sand is clean, and the locals haven’t gone crazy yet. To me, this is the perfect kind of place.

Mozambicans are friendly. People who can speak English are almost always interested in traveling with foreigners, and sometimes you can enjoy the experience as a result.

Pictured above is Orlando and Nate. Nate is an American who decided to invite Orlando on his trip to Mozambique after he learned that Orlando had not left his village. The relationship between the two is mutually beneficial, as Nate gets to experience more local travel and Orlando finally gets to see his country.

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When I heard the news, this kind of thing didn’t surprise me, because the locals show me around Mozambique all the time, taking me to midnight dances.

A boat trip is a fun and cheap way to spend a day in Mozambique. In Tofo, you can usually arrange one with a host or through your hostel (Kitesurf Tofo House is a good option for hostels, by the way). With a group of friends, you can expect to pay around 2,000-2,500 MZN per person. It’s as simple as just asking a question: it looks like someone knows someone who has a boat and can take you there. That’s how Tofo works.

The boats are simple, with side trips and rudders made of old wood. It won’t be fancy, but it will be good. Bring your beer, sit back, and enjoy.

When you rent a quad bike in Tofo (about 3,400 MZN), you can take it to some small villages (and by small, I mean 5-10 grass huts) in the sand dunes behind the beach. The kids run and are either waving or they decide to be a bit of a snack and try to grab the back of the quad bike while riding.

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You can find all kinds of small beaches that are not directly accessible from the beach of Tofo itself, or you can give yourself a trip to ATM, which is not a 30 minute walk.

Honestly, most days in Tofo I relax every day that is not suitable in the hammock, in the pool, in the sea, or on the beach. It’s inexpensive, with a beer running under 125 MZN, a seafood platter anywhere from 400 MZN for barracuda or scallops to 750 MZN for a whole lobster, and a private bungalow on the beach around 6500 MZN.

It’s a great place to just sleep for weeks, read a book (or several), and listen to music with friends between dips in the sea and sunsets – without feeling guilty about spending a fortune.

In Portuguese. Tofo is not good, but if you want to go to the ATM, which is a bit of a walk, the walk is fast and fun, too!

Mozambique Has Extraordinary Beaches And Marine Wildlife — Experience Its Beauty At These 3 Idyllic Resorts

Which somehow was as relaxing as lying on the beach – I sat in the back of a truck and watched as we passed villages with thatched huts and hundreds of trees full of mangoes. There are others

They are easy to find. You just need to make sure you are at the right intersection to get a ride. Ask around before you try it, to get intel from the locals.

Notes about boleias: I can’t recommend this as a solo traveler, especially if you don’t speak to any Portuguese, and in general I can’t say that this is the safest way to travel, but, like as mentioned, it is common in “Moz” and the way that I, myself, usually was around.

I am glad that despite most of the negative information I received about Mozambique, I listened to other people who told me that it is a beautiful place that is worth exploring. I’m glad I saw it for myself, and I’m glad to share it with you now.

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Just because the destination is unknown doesn’t mean it can’t be amazing. If you have a chance to go to Mozambique, take it, come back and let me know how you got on!

Kristin Addis is a solo female travel expert who inspires women to travel the world in an authentic and exciting way. A former investment banker who sold all her belongings and left California in 2012, Kristin has traveled the world solo for over eight years, covering every continent (except Antarctica, but that’s on her list). There is nothing he won’t try and almost nowhere he won’t explore. You can find more of her content at Be My Travel Muse or on Instagram and Facebook.

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