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Best Destination Usa – Here’s the list you’ve been waiting for. Every month of the year, there are many events happening anywhere in the United States. From the best wildflowers to special festivals to amazing weather and a beautiful holiday season, some places are better to visit during certain months of the year.

Desert areas such as Death Valley, Alabama Hills, Joshua Tree, and Mojave cover 25% of the state of California. Death Valley is especially known for its unbearably hot heat (hence its name).

Best Destination Usa

However, January brings cooler temperatures and is therefore an ideal time to explore. Daytime temperatures will hover in the 60s and mid-70s, cooling into the upper 30s overnight. Clear skies are also the best time to visit as the stargazing is incredible.

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Check out our guide to Death Valley as well as a complete camping guide if you plan to take advantage of the winter conditions there.

This winter town has over 5,000 acres of skiable terrain, so it’s no wonder it’s a popular destination for snow lovers. Vail is definitely for all of you who embrace the winter chill and even crave some icy cheer after the holidays. I certainly am

That’s why. there’s plenty to do besides skiing and snowboarding. There are gondola rides that take you to the mountains for the best views, cozy cabins to relax in, and plenty of relaxing spas to enjoy. Yes, Vail is a gorgeous place. But there are few places in the US that ooze winter more than this cozy Colorado town.

Lanai is one of the smallest and most rugged places in Hawaii, and it’s also one of the biggest places in the US to visit in January. The waters between Lanai, Moloka’i and Maui are some of the best in the world for humpback whale viewing from November to May. Visitors can see them breaching the shore without going out to sea.

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This rocky island is far from the crowded islands of Maui, Oahu, and the Big Island. The Four Seasons is the only resort on the island. You’re sure to find a little piece of paradise all to yourself at any time of the year, but you’re more likely to do so in January, which sees the most visitors.

Santa Fe averages 325 days a year, so what better place to visit in a slightly gray February? This southwestern city has an artsy vibe and is known for its food scene, which has some of the best chocolate and chili in the country.

With 250 art galleries in downtown Santa Fe alone, including the beautiful Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, art lovers will delight in the city’s abundance of creativity. Outdoor activities are also quite popular. you can make the most of the Santa Fe sun by biking or hiking

As the origin of the world’s largest concentration of hoodoos (irregular rock columns), Utah’s Bryce Canyon National Park is undoubtedly one of the most unique places in the country. These hoodoos are particularly picturesque

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Walking through Bryce is a fun adventure and has the added bonus of fewer visitors in February than in the summer. Try this epic three-hour sightseeing tour to make the most of your visit. You can also rent snowshoes and skis to explore the canyon. It’s no surprise that Bryce Canyon made our list

Head to the Alabama Hills of California this February to see some of the most photogenic landscapes in the US. February promises snow-covered mountains, and maybe light snow on the hills.

The hills are hot in the summer, so the cooler winters make it the best time to go. Like Death Valley, there are clear skies at night, perfect for stargazing.

For more ideas on how to have the best time in the Alabama Hills during winter, check out our guide here.

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Washington State’s Olympic National Park is full of beautiful wildflowers in the spring starting in early March. You can also see gray whales from March to May when they migrate north, just in time for the park to open after being closed due to winter snow.

It’s also a good time to go as the crowds get bigger during the summer.

Although it is not one place, the Texas Hill Country is more of a layer of places. Between Houston and San Antonio, along highways and in major state parks (such as Hill Country State Natural Area and Pedernales Fall State Park), bluecaps bloom everywhere in March and April.

The beauty of the Texas countryside is more apparent at this time, making it a great place for a road trip or even a weekend scenic drive.

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Sevierville, Tennessee is located in the Smoky Mountains, a magical springtime destination. Orange lilies bloom in Great Smoky Mountain National Park outside of Clarksville in March, so check out the colorful flowers.

The National Park crowds are smaller in the spring, so it’s a great time to get out and enjoy the wildflowers blooming all around you when you visit Sevierville.

This is a pretty obvious addition, as DC is known worldwide for its abundance of cherry blossoms in the spring. Every April, the city hosts the National Cherry Blossom Festival, which attracts visitors from all over the world. Immerse yourself in the history of the cherry tree and enjoy the warmer temperatures as the city reawakens after a quick winter.

All the winter rains and heavy snows bring a blooming spring in Seattle. Pike Place Market is full of fresh tulips in the spring, making it an even more fun stop. The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, located just over an hour north, takes place every April, offering springtime colors to behold.

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Seattle is only a few hours away from Port Angeles, known for its lavender fields, if you want to get out and enjoy the rest of the area’s beautiful spring colors.

Spring is also the start of orca viewing season and the end of gray and humpback whale season. So there are plenty of whale watching tours this year, like this one from Seattle to Olympic National Park, that include watching whales and other marine life. Western Washington area.

Because Tucson, Arizona is located in the desert, the flowers that bloom there are especially delicate. The mountains around the city always change color in spring, as different types of wildflowers bloom at different times, from February to July, with the greatest variety in April. Even cacti have bright red flowers.

April brings comfortable temperatures that are perfect for exploring the outdoors in and around the city. Hike or enjoy one of the many hot springs in southern Arizona.

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Named after, you guessed it, this charming medieval Dutch gem emulates its namesake by upholding the floral tradition each spring with its tulip festival. It takes place every May and has been around since 1929, when the town was predominantly Dutch immigrants.

Holland also has a 250-year-old Dutch windmill that is a must-see if you visit. Since it’s only 30 minutes from Grand Rapids, you can make Holland a stop on your spring road trip or your top destination. Either way, Holland, Michigan is sure to catch your eye.

Asheville is known as one of the weirdest cities in South America, and for good reason. While there are plenty of fun things to do every year, May is even busier as outdoor beer gardens begin to open all over the city during the busy summer season.

Because Asheville is located in the mountains, there are many ways to get out into nature outside of the city. Check out the wildflower bloom schedule to get the most out of spring color.

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Central Florida is full of beautiful springs that are ideal for visiting in May. This time of year is warm enough to enjoy the springs to the fullest, but not as humid as in the summer. Ginny Springs is known for its stunning turquoise waters and kayaking and paddleboarding opportunities.

About 90 minutes north of Tampa, you can find the Crystal River area, the only place in the US where you can legally swim with the manatees that inhabit the bay from winter to early summer.

Baseball season is in full swing (see what I did there?). June at Boston’s Fenway Park, built in 1912. Attending a Red Sox game is a unique experience because of the rabid Sox fans and old school atmosphere.

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