Best Babymoon Destinations Zika

By | March 29, 2024

Best Babymoon Destinations Zika – Here’s a complete guide to the best Zika-free satellite destinations so you can relax and enjoy your trip.

Although I hate the word babymoon, I love the idea. A babymoon provides a great opportunity for you and your partner to relax together before the whirlwind of parenthood begins.

Best Babymoon Destinations Zika

Away from the daily trials and tribulations, you can relax, enjoy yourself and have dreamy conversations about how (you think) you’ll be a parent before entering reality 😉

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Pregnancy comes with a host of essential considerations, raising the bar for normal travel anxiety. What you eat, what you drink, getting safe medical care, blood clots on airplanes… there’s a lot to learn, fast.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to do your research before you lay back and relax. Good preparation for parenthood, some might say 😉

That said, don’t let people scare you (unless it’s your doctor.) Having a wonderful, Zika-free baby is possible and exciting.

Yes, I am a doctor and I was pregnant. But I am not your doctor. Please, please, please, please some more please, consult your doctor before you book. Some airlines and travel insurance won’t cover you if you don’t settle things properly.

Babymoon Ideas And Planning Tips For Soon To Be Parents

You may be facing months away from home in the neonatal intensive care unit. Putting aside the human cost, this can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. Sort the papers!

If you feel comfortable, go for it! But if you plan ahead, remember that fatigue and morning sickness already affect most people. It is also the most sensitive time for fetal development, so you have to be very strict about what you eat and drink, which can be very difficult when you travel.

This is the golden period for many moms-to-be (not all, alas.) Morning sickness and extreme fatigue subside. The ruins are small and beautiful. Wadling is far away.

I had a very difficult pregnancy, yet I was able to travel to Italy, Croatia, Spain and the Middle East in the second trimester without too much trouble.

Family Friendly Things To Do In The Bahamas / Zika Free Destination / Swimming With The Pigs

Some women move through pregnancy, so if this is you – enjoy! Just a few points to remember. Even if everything is fine some airlines will not accept you beyond a certain date. Those are the expected dates. Normal figures are 37-42 weeks, so don’t plan to get pregnant until 40 weeks.

On the other hand, some women suffer so much that they cannot leave the house anymore. You don’t know what you are until it happens. So, check the cancellation policy or leave the booking till the last minute.

Fortunately, Europe remains Zika-free. However, some countries are full of soft cheeses, cured meats, highly flavored wines, fish, and partially cooked meats. Basically, everything you should avoid during pregnancy to reduce the risk of serious birth defects. Then there are hot springs and spas. and should be avoided.

So. After spending a fascinating (but very hungry) time in Northern Spain, I won’t do that to you!

Beach Destinations For A Zika Free Babymoon

Instead, here are several Zika-free satellite sites you shouldn’t miss.

Well, you have to miss some cheese and cold meats. But off-season travel to major cities like Rome and Venice will still soak up the culture but keep you out of the queues. Alternatively, rent a villa in Tuscany or Umbria and enjoy relaxation and olive oil tours in Pisa.

Note: Depending on how your pregnancy is progressing, you may want to check how long you are away from the hospital. Some rural parts of Italy have long driving times (over scenic roads of course) so it may be better to stay closer to the cities.

With stunning beaches, rich history and easy access, Croatia is the perfect destination for a Zika-free honeymoon. I traveled to Dubrovnik and the oh-so-believable Elafiti Islands while pregnant, which couldn’t be easier, and Zadar and Split are nice cities to relax in, but be careful in the summer. The place will be very hot, and heat and pregnancy are not a comfortable combination.

Babymoon Destinations Usa Archives

Often overlooked because of Amsterdam’s party reputation, few other cities in the Netherlands create a bigger moon full of culture. The Hague, in particular, offers the girl pearl ears, Peace Palace, cool coffee shops (with plenty of decaf) and even a sandy beach. Weather-wise, it’s a pot of luck like England, but the timing is right and it’s heavenly.

America is good at simplifying things. Clean water, safe food, easy access to elevators, parking spaces, lockers, air conditioning and snacks as needed. Health care (if you have separate coverage.)

It also has enough amazing travel experiences to keep you busy for a lifetime. Great old place. So what places make the best Zika-free honeymoon destinations?

Well, keep your distance. Now is not the time to run wild and avoid medical facilities. Instead, try these.

Perfect Ideas For Babymoon Destinations In The U.s.

I love New York and always have, but its transportation system is not ideal for pregnancy. Boston offers a steady pace where you are likely to get a seat. It is a perfect place for the moon. Head to Cape Cod or Cape Ann for the love of sun, sand, and light (but skip the islands if you want to get to the hospital faster.)

I can’t wait to recommend it as it’s a great place for families and that’s what you’ll soon be! But if you want to swim with manatees, soak up world-class Dali art and (safely) eats, and rub your toes in the sand, try Florida’s Gulf Coast. It has some of the most beautiful beaches. the world .

The Florida Keys have great white sand beaches, great restaurants, and romantic sunsets from many beach spots.

To my surprise, Alabama has a beautiful sandy beach. It is a honeymoon destination for couples looking for a low-key and safe getaway. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can take a road trip north and follow the Civil Rights Trail.

Zika Free Babymoon Destinations For 2018

Many places in the Arabian Peninsula are ideal destinations for honeymooners because of the hot but air-conditioning, excellent medical facilities and unreported Zika. Plus, you won’t feel like you’re missing out because the alcohol is limited. Most of these places are great beach spots (not judging here!)

I love this beautiful, friendly and peaceful country in the Middle East and actually traveled there when I was pregnant. Relax in luxury at the Chedi Muscat (one of the best spas in the world) or travel to this land of dazzling mosques, orchards, desert sands and beautiful beaches. That

Ras Al Khaimah, one of the seven United Arab Emirates, is within easy reach of Dubai and has a number of beautiful hotels that blend culture with the local landscape. Unlike Dubai, it is not a party destination and does not particularly appeal to families. If you want to be active, explore Jebel Jaisin’s hiking trails.

Another one in the United Arab Emirates, Sharjah is a dry state (no alcohol) so it’s the best place to conceive because you won’t feel out of place!

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The city of Sharjah combines modern architectural buildings, butterfly houses, traditional souks and beautiful museums on Islamic culture and aviation. A short drive from Dubai is the Red Caves.

Jordan is an amazing place in the Middle East, full of world wonders like the Dead Sea and Petra. It is also a Zika free site.

Even though. No matter how you slice and dice it, Petra spends an entire day walking over uneven terrain in the heat. Not suitable for most pregnant women

To go to Jordan and not see Petra. So let’s put this on the back burner for now.

Zika Free Destinations For Your Travels

So there it is. Check with your doctor. Check the zika-free list (and other diseases, not just zika to worry about.) Prepare your insurance. Enjoy the opportunity to spend quality time together during the best months!

Then come here and share a beautiful blog and then baby pictures, wouldn’t you be surprised?! Everyone enjoys it!

Abigail King is an award-winning author and broadcaster who turned life as a doctor into life on the road. In The Travel Lab he called National Geographic Traveler an “essential read” and Lonely Planet “one of the best travel blogs in the world.” It’s been a few weeks since our “baby month” and I wanted to share with yall how our trip to the Bahamas went and how amazing the Royal Bahamian sandals were! We had a great time and are thankful we got rid of both before baby #3 arrives in a few weeks!

With the first two pregnancies, I

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