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What is the Laptop Operating System?

Finding an Operating System

The latest operating system for laptops is the Linux operating system. It has become so popular because it’s so easy to use and it comes with an open source license that makes it free for any user to use.

For the same reasons Linux becomes a choice for laptop owners and many small business people who want to provide laptop support. Plus Linux can run on almost any laptop computer, from compact desktop PCs to high-end laptops, even portable network computers.

Operating systems come in two types:

the command line system and the graphical interface. Some people are drawn to the command line interface because it is so simple to learn, but command-line systems often have problems that just aren’t fixed by over-the-top tutorials.

The command line interface is often called Unix or Linux. It’s a very old operating system that was built upon the command line, which in this case is a program that loads up the Linux kernel.

The command line has long been the preferred way of doing things for many users because it’s so easy to learn and it runs on any operating system. But Linux has also made some inroads into the command line world by providing an interface that can load the kernel without making you a coder.

Linux runs much faster than the command line system does and it’s generally easier to use for both the novice and the advanced user. In fact, one of the reasons why many people pick Linux over Windows is that they find the command line interface difficult to learn and that it often freezes or takes forever to load programs.

The most popular desktop version of Linux is Xubuntu. It’s an open source operating system that works well on older laptops.

Many people like the software “purchase” feature of Xubuntu. Theycan install most of the basic software on their machine without having to learn a lot of complicated commands.

This makes Xubuntu an extremely useful operating system for both people who need the software and those who want to get involved with the project. Plus there are lots of other kinds of software available, such as image viewers, image editors, web servers, chat servers, file managers, music players, mail servers, fax servers, games servers, instant messengers, email clients, virtual private servers, and many more.

A big advantage for Linux over Windows is that the software is designed for the touchscreen of the majority of tablets and smart phones. It’s an attractive design choice for operating systems that will work on these devices.

Another very cool thing about Xubuntu is that it’s perfect for business. It’s very flexible for use at home but also useful for the office.

The same is true for the other popular operating systems: Debian, Fedora, Suse, and FreeBSD. All are excellent choices for a business OS and all make good choices for a laptop or a small desktop PC.