Best Destination Runs

By | June 14, 2024

Best Destination Runs – Because running is an international sport, you can find amazing racing opportunities all over the world. A distance race is a great option for your next A race, or you can add it to your vacation bucket list.

Running the Berlin Marathon in 2017 was one of the highlights of my running career as I showed my fitness after a long training period, then I did compression at Oktoberfest. Bad Post is not a party.

Best Destination Runs

I recently spoke with RW+ member Jessie Arbets from Milwaukee, who is running the London Marathon in October and wanted to know what to expect for her first international race. Planning to run? Steal these three tips from our conversation.

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JESSEE // London wants me to run six major world marathons – I’ve already run Chicago and New York. What should I keep in mind when planning an overseas tournament? I know I will be there on Saturday and running on Sunday.

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The banned shoes appear in front of the court before reaching the marathon course.

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For new runners, the 10K race is a manageable challenge. The 6.2 mile distance is a stepping stone to long distance running and often a lifelong pursuit of running.

And for experienced runners, the 10K is a great opportunity to focus on speed. An experienced runner can use that opportunity to push the limits over a short distance.

While many people turn half marathons and full marathons into vacations, there are select 10Ks that we recommend as destination races. With so many 10Ks held each year, it’s hard to know which ones are the most important to the trip.

In this article, we’ll share why you should consider a 10K for your next race and the best 10Ks in the United States to put on your 2024 race calendar.

Tips For Running The Great North Run (or Any Half Marathon)

When these four factors are combined, we find that they create a running experience worthy of a space race recommendation. This ability is difficult to achieve for distances less than a half marathon. But, here are a few reasons why you might want to consider 10K on this list in 2024:

Now that you know the benefits of running a 10K race, let’s take a look at the best 10Ks in the US that are worth the trip.

In its 47th year, Cap10K is a progressive institution. On April 7, 2024, more than 15,000 runners will march into the Texas capital of Austin (hence the clever name).

The race starts on Austin’s bustling South Congress Avenue, home to trendy hotels, retailers and restaurants. It then runs along the road to the Texas Capitol building before heading west to the Crosstown Dash where the rest of the course follows the Johnston Creek Greenbelt and the Colorado River, or as Austinites call it Says, Lady Bird Lake.

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The race finishes at Wake Mathias Shores, the city’s waterfront park that offers views of downtown Austin, the river and the Palmer Events Center.

Despite the race ending in the park, the course itself is no walk. Between the first and fifth miles of the race, runners gain a maximum of 100 feet. But, take it from us, the juice is worth the squeeze. If you haven’t committed to something bigger (think a half marathon or more), our recommendation is to improve your experience.

Meaning – Find races that have a large population, large products, and are at the center of the city’s culture. The Cap10K does all three exceptionally well.

The Finish Line Party, affectionately known as the Finish Line Festival, features a corner store with Tito’s hand-crafted vodka by his friend Austin. In addition, local food trucks, an autograph wall, photo opportunities, and local businesses help speed recovery after the race.

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Not that you need it, but if you’re traveling outside of Austin, you’ll be walking distance from Terry Black’s Barbecue, which, along with Franklin’s, is Austin’s most famous barbecue joint.

It’s not every day you get to cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on foot, but the Bay Bridge 10K offers a unique opportunity to explore this historic landmark from a new perspective. Thanks to the spectacular route, this beloved Maryland tradition has become one of the largest cross-country events in the United States, attracting nearly 20,000 runners each year.

During the race, runners cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge from the Northrop Grumman Aerospace and Defense Campus. After this half mile, runners begin climbing the bridge, climbing about 200 meters in the first two miles. With amazing views of the bay from this point, the gradual climb is definitely worth the effort.

After reaching its peak at 2 miles, it is smooth sailing for the rest of the course. Runners enjoy the beach under the bridge two kilometers before the finish line. However, the fun doesn’t stop there. With only a few kilometers to go, the runners complete the last stretch on the east coast before reaching the finish line. There, they will enjoy an after party featuring dinner, drinks, live entertainment, and fun family activities.

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No list of 10Ks is complete without mentioning Atlanta’s Peachtree Road Race. With over 60,000 participants each year, it is the largest 10K in the world! It has been held every year on Independence Day for over 50 years. This race is not just a run – it’s a Fourth of July tradition.

On race day, runners painted in red, white and blue storm the streets of Atlanta. Starting in Buckhead’s Uptown District, runners head to Midtown and complete 6.2 miles in Piedmont Park.

Along the way, the streets are full of runners and revelers. With the hills on the road and the Atlanta summer heat, this race comes with a few challenges. However, the sheer intensity and size of the event make it a race you should experience at least once in your life.

There is a lottery to enter this race, or runners can join the Atlanta Track Club for guaranteed entry. Content/uploads/2022/09/best Plac

Longer than the 10K, Breakers Bay at 12K still deserves a place on our list for its incredible views. Since its inaugural race in 1912, this unique San Francisco race has been a blur between race and street party.

With the exception of first marathons reserved for the elite, most participants run this race not for speed but for experience. With tons of amazing outfits and some freelancers even banned them all. That’s what this competition is all about

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