Best Destination July 2023

By | July 5, 2024

Best Destination July 2023 – It’s all about the heat come July, with the Northern Hemisphere’s tropical heat adding more heat to some of the world’s most popular travel destinations.

Europe is bathed in the sun, bringing the Mediterranean Sea to the fore, while in the tropics during the summer the sunny weather allows wildlife to be seen. Cold regions also benefit from global warming, with the Arctic being the most likely location. Finally, there are festivals and events that bring fun and entertainment in many places around the world.

Best Destination July 2023

Hit the beach in Zanzibar; swimming in the Bahamas with dolphins; head to the lake in Wisconsin © micheldenijs/Getty Images; Stephen Frink/Getty Images; Shutterstock Places To Visit In Mexic

The Spice Island of Unguja – popularly known as Zanzibar – is a fragrance. Stroll the streets of Kibuye old town on a warm evening, pick nuts, peanuts and cinnamon at Darajani market, cook seafood at Forodhani Garden, and smell black coffee at Jaws Corner, where old people gather to watch TV and gossip. The historic heart of Zanzibar, with its crumbling palaces and remnants of the slave era, are the only gems of this treasure island, at its best in July, the middle of summer. Take a boat to snorkel along the west coast, watching dolphins; the smell of herbs and spices; and find a perfect piece of coral-sand on one of the most beautiful beaches.

The Bahamas is close to the Caribbean – however, most importantly, it is not beautiful. Yes, this archipelago of islands and cays between Cuba and Florida has clear water and beautiful beaches. But the summer here, even though it is “watery,” is not affected by the storms that often hit other islands. July brings calm, clear, warm seas, ideal for enjoying the amazing water and surfing in Andros; The east wall has the third longest wall in the world. Visit Bimini for a manta ray encounter (peak in July, when the sea is shallow) and a chance to meet smiling dolphins and Atlantic dolphins. Add mangroves, excellent fishing, birdlife and white-water, but without the crowds – Andros is the quietest and best value in July.

During Wisconsin’s hottest months, the shores of Lake Michigan and the Big City community escape the heat. Not surprisingly, the beautiful waterfront villages and beaches of Door County, dubbed the “Cape Cod of the Midwest,” are full of vacationers, although there’s still plenty of peace on Washington Island and Newport Park. For a true retreat, head northwest to the shores of Lake Superior – stopping to snorkel or fish in one of the glacial lakes in Vilas and Oneda counties. Charming Bayfield, with streets lined with Victorian buildings, looks like itself – but, more importantly, it is a jumping-off point for Apostle Island, a 22-dominated russet island full of coral reefs.

Stretching more than 1,000 miles (621 km) between Cervantes and Exmouth, Western Australia’s “Coral Coast” contains many of the country’s attractions in a compact package, making this stretch of land ideal for winter travel. Here, you will discover an impressive rock formation – the Pinnacle, a needle of rock sticking out of the sand near Cervantes – and the russet Tumblagood Sandstone in the Kalbarri Valley. You will experience surfing and underwater adventure on the largest in the world – 300 miles (186 km) of coral reef that is home to about 500 species of fish. And you will encounter amazing wildlife, like when the whales gather in their hundreds at Ningaloo Reef (March to July). , and manta rays – many in Exmouth May to September – and humpbacks are enough to join in the fun, too. Places To Visit In Asia

This vast area of ​​tundra and taiga is as barren as a forest, densely populated compared to a small Caribbean nation scattered across a land the size of Mongolia. To discover the beauty and culture of the western province, travel by river to the heart of the unknown, it is possible only for a few weeks from the end of June when the temperature is (relative) and the days are go on forever. Boat a large section of Canada’s longest river, the Deh Cho (Mackenzie); Raft Nahanni South from Thunder, 96m (315ft) – Virginia’s highest waterfall in the Mackenzie Mountains crosses the horizon; or enjoy a light kayak on the Great Slave Lake, North America. Along the way, learn about the traditional culture of the Dene people who have adapted to this harsh environment for thousands of years, and see caribou, blackbuck, blackbuck, deer and bison – the continent’s largest mammals.

Visit the unique monastery of Labrang, or visit the art museum in Aarhus © Munzir Rosdi/Shutterstock; Rudy Mareel/Shutterstock

While parts of China are more active in the summer, spring is the time to explore the Tibetan Plateau, when the temperatures are pleasant and the roads are free of snow. The northeastern part of the plains, Gansu Province is popular with local tourists, famous as a gateway to the ancient Silk Road and home to gangs, especially in Mogao near Dunhuang. But far away from hot places, you will find peace, culture and beauty of Tibet, especially in Gannan district which is south of the provincial capital of Lanzhou. Here, lamas chant through Xiahe from Labrang Monastery – one of the six great Tibetan Buddhist monasteries; walk 3.5 miles (2 km)

Denmark’s second city is noisier than a bee. Founded by the Vikings 13 centuries ago, Aarhus is a modern city, with the ARoS museum, the underwater museum, Dokk1, and houses built of ice. Even the Moesgaard Museum, a 2000-year-old house, preserved by the Graubelle Man, offers a long trip back in time. Come evening, the city shows its true colors, with cafes, bars and clubs showing that Denmark is sure to smile and be smart. Summer brings many festivals celebrating flowers, jazz, Viking culture and more, with the warm sun (20ºC / 68ºF) to splash on the sandy Baltic coast: try Den Permanente near the center, the bright Bellevue at north, and the free recreation of the eco island Samsø, a short boat ride away.

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Summer usually means big crowds — but for countless Canadians, it’s not hard to miss the crowd. Unspoiled Saskatchewan is a place of beauty and silence – in fact, one environmentalist rated the Grasslands Forest as one of the quietest places in the world. It is a good place to eat and drink. The province is the breadbasket of Canada, covering 50% of the agricultural land, in addition to a large collection of portable grains. Super-cool Saskatoon, sitting in all this abundance, happens to be one of the hottest food areas. Wine bars, craft beers, artisan chefs and cocktail bars are featured in the small-but-not-important “Paris of the Prairies.” Take a food and cooking tour, and visit nearby farms to meet the producers. July also sees the best fruit, Saskatoon ripe fruit – try it in everything from pies to beer.

If the Dolomites are the most beautiful mountains of the Alps, the Alta Badia valley in South Tyrol promises the Dolomites to taste. This series of deep valleys, high valleys and steep mountains in northern Italy repeats a great history: between 1915 and 1918, the Italian and Austro-Hungarian armies fought between unforgiving peaks, and today you can walk the path like Kaiserjäger to find holes. and machine guns. Alta Badia is known for skiing, but in summer the cable cars and mountain huts reopen to serve hungry hikers, cyclists, hikers and road runners. This area is surrounded by Michelin stars, but it is a simple refuge that cooks good but quality food (think mountain cheeses, pasta and strudels).

Travel through Colombia in the summer, or through the mountains of Khardung La © Nadège Mazars / Lonely Planet; Thapakorn Karnosod/Getty Images

The Caribbean Sea, mountains, plains, forests, deserts: Colombia covers a wide variety of places, with different climates. July and August bring the best dry weather for touring the fincas (coffee estates) in the beautiful rolling hills of the Zona Cafetera; enjoy the amazing birds in the Reserva Ecologica Rio Blanco; sleeping under the stars among the cacti and other rocks of the Tatacoa Desert; walking in the mountains near Popoyan; and the discovery of pre-Columbian tombs, petroglyphs and carved heads around San Agustín and Tierradentro. The visit is also in this month of giants: between June and November, calves from the Pacific Ocean of Colombia – go whale watching to Nuquí or from Buenaventura to Bahía Malaga to see the dying behemoths. It is a very dry month to watch lazy river dolphins in the Colombian Amazon.

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Amazing road trips. Khardung La both. This 5,600 meter (18, 373ft) pass near Leh, in the heart of the Indian Himalayas, is a major route on the Silk Road and is now one of the most traveled routes in the world. Traveling by bus is a wonderful experience; Passing it on the Enfield Bullet bike is over. Either way, the mountains and hills will leave you in awe. Ways

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