Best Destination Japan

By | July 3, 2024

Best Destination Japan – Traveling to Japan will give visitors a unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else. From the fast and furious streets of Tokyo to the overall authenticity of Kyoto, remote beaches with tropical climates and fantastic skiing destinations, Japan seems to have it all.

With its convenient public transportation and diverse locations, visitors never miss a place to see while traveling across the country. Add the respectful local culture and the best transportation system on the planet and you have a dream vacation.

Best Destination Japan

In fact, spend at least two weeks to get a good taste of Japan. It is a part that must be explored once in a lifetime.

Rare Journey Into Japan

With nearly 10 million inhabitants, Tokyo is Japan’s largest city. It is unlike anywhere else in the world; A bustling metropolis with futuristic skyscrapers and a must for first-time visitors to Japan.

This fascinating city has its hand on the pulse and is at the forefront of modern technological innovation. If you are looking for an urban experience with modern art, shopping and food education, this is the place to go. The city is beautiful as it spreads upwards and sideways.

Go to the famous Shibuya Crossing, especially in the evening when it is busiest and the lighting is just right, to fully appreciate the effects of lights and large video screens, flashing advertising from skyscrapers at every corner, to fully appreciate the speed and scale. of Tokyo. You can get a bird’s eye view at the Shibuya Rooftop Observatory.

Where to stay: Ueno is a comfortable, affordable and friendly district of the city and close to many major attractions.

Top Places To Visit In Japan

When to go: During October and November, the city is covered in colors and beautiful autumn festivals are held at the temples. The weather is also good, and much more pleasant than during the summer when the humidity increases and public transport can be difficult to bear. Spring (March to May) is almost spectacular, not least because of the spectacular cherry blossoms.

Food: Tokyo is the birthplace of sushi so there is no better place in the world to eat it!

Speaking of views, it doesn’t get any better than East Tokyo’s Tokyo Skytree, the world’s tallest tower. A scramble up to the 2,080-foot observation deck offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the sprawling metropolis and its skyline.

As England has Buckingham Palace, Japan has the Imperial Palace, the official residence of the royal family in a large garden in the center of Tokyo. The inner parts of the park are not open to the public, but the eastern gardens are open all year round and are a great place to walk. The grounds are open twice a year, on January 2 to celebrate the New Year and on February 23 for the King’s birthday. Visit at these times and dates to get the chance to enjoy the local gardens.

Hottest Places To Visit In Japan

The village of Sumagoi in the Kiso Valley of Gunma Prefecture was a popular stop for travelers between Tokyo and Kyoto.

They have beautifully restored the old wooden houses of the city, and you can find a hiking trail that leads to the village of Magom, part of the main route.

It has great views, but you need to get it in the right season; Otherwise, it is impossible to walk there.

When to go: June-August for the best temperatures but if there is snow then you should come in December or January as there are many wonderful ski resorts.

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About an hour’s drive from Tokyo brings you to Hakone, part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park on Lake Ashinoko, famous for its hot springs.

It is also a place where you can view Mount Fuji from the lakeside or from the cable car on a good day. With so many hot springs, the obvious thing to do is indulge in the ancient Japanese practice of bathing together in the open air, called “onsen.”

Where to stay: Guro Kansiro is a 15-minute walk from Hakone Gora Park and its hot springs.

What to eat: black egg! These are normal chicken eggs that have been blackened from cooking in a black spring. You can buy in tourist areas. Local legends suggest that eating an egg will add seven years to your life!

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Osaka, Japan’s third largest city and main port, is often referred to as the kitchen of Japan and should be at the top of any food tour of Japan.

Its street food market is huge, to say the least, and is considered one of the best in the world. If you visit Dotonbury in the town centre, with restaurants of every description and whose unofficial motto is ‘eat till you drop’, you will be spoiled for choice.

A must-try is kukuri, famous all over Japan, but this is its real home. Another must-taste is Osaka’s signature dish, takoyaki, which are grilled octopus dumplings. Osaka has a different pace, enhanced by its exciting LED light show, animated 3D signage and flashing video screens, which are all part of the experience.

Osaka also has its own castle, Osaka Castle dating back to 1583. The castle is worth exploring in its entirety, including Sumiyoshi-taisha, Sumiyoshi’s oldest shrine.

Places To Explore Japan’s Gaming Culture

Kyoto, of course, is the image you have in mind when you start your trip to Japan. It is the most beautiful place in Japan.

Here you will find wooden tea houses and geishas in brightly colored kimonos, Zen gardens and temples; It is believed that there are more than a thousand.

The city itself can be depressing after the noise of Tokyo or Osaka, but if you head to the mountains, you’ll get a real Japanese experience.

If you’ve ever wanted to see the proper cherry blossoms in their full glory, aim to be here in late March or early April for that incredible experience.

Unmissable Places To Visit In Japan In 2024

Where to stay: Try a traditional hotel – a ryokan – for a unique Japanese experience for a night before heading to a cheap hotel or hostel in the city centre. The ryokan is quite expensive but has food and is very authentic.

What to eat: Kyoto is famous for its traditional dishes, including hot Kyoto ramen, which is cooked in front of you. Tofu is also synonymous with Kyoto cuisine.

Nothing symbolizes Japan more than Kinkaku-ji temple at the foot of Mount Kinugasa. The temple is in true Japanese architectural style, with the top two floors completely covered in gold and featuring a bronze phoenix. You will find Buddha statues and other Buddha icons inside.

The temple grounds are lined with trees and can provide a good space for meditation. They are especially stunning in autumn when the trees start to change color and in winter when they are covered in snow. Of course, in a place of honor like this, one of the funniest things is having your luck told by a vending machine.

Places To Visit Japan: Tourist Maps And Must See Attractions

If it’s temples you’re after, and Japan has plenty, head to Nikko, a few hours north of Tokyo. The Shinkyo Bridge (Sacred Bridge), one of the three best bridges in Japan, takes you up a hill with various temples and shrines, the most notable of which is Toshogo Temple.

It’s stunning, to say the least, and has the best of Japan’s must-sees. It commemorates the founder of a dynasty that ruled Japan for more than 250 years.

There is a colorful structure of more than a dozen red and black buildings decorated with wood carvings covering almost every inch, and covered with a large amount of gold leaf.

When to go: As with any mountain area, Sakura is best visited during spring or fall foliage season. Tourist Map.jpg

Kanazawa doesn’t get many visitors, but it has to be one of the best places to visit in Japan. For a true geisha experience, head to the geisha district of Higashi Chaya or the slightly quieter Kazuemach and Nishi Chaya, where you’ll find preserved wooden buildings.

Here you will find one of the best gardens in Japan, Kenroku-en Garden, with many art museums. Don’t miss the castle while you’re there. One of the best experiences here is to have a proper tea ceremony at the Gyokusen-en garden, one of the oldest tea houses in Kanazawa.

Where to stay: MyStays Premier Hotel Kanazawa is a short walk from nearby attractions, such as the Ishikawa Ongakudo Concert Hall if you’re in the mood for more culture.

What to eat: melted ice cream! Locals eat more ice cream here than anywhere else in Japan.

The Ultimate Japan Itinerary For 2024: From 1 To 3 Weeks

Although one of the least visited places, Takayama, at the foot of the Japanese Alps, is one of the best places to visit in Japan. Get up early, before the crowds arrive, and grab “mitarashi-dango,” rice balls glazed with soy, and enjoy the magic and charm of the old town.

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