Best Destination Draft Locations

By | June 30, 2024

Best Destination Draft Locations – We’re a team of dog-loving, top-notch backpackers, award-winning adventurers – working together to help you plan and write the world’s most rewarding book answer the best place.

Together we have photographed more than 350 locations around the world! Here’s the definitive list of the best places to get away in the US and abroad, so get ready for some great vacation options.

Best Destination Draft Locations

Why the North Cascades are the best place to get away: Washington State’s North Cascades are home to some of the world’s most spectacular scenery. With thousands of glaciers, jagged peaks, beautiful flowers, and pristine alpine lakes, you’ll quickly understand why it’s called the “American Alps.” Standing on top of one of these mountains, you get a view of what is often called “sea peaks,” where the layers of mountain peaks seem to stretch forever. What about the place to say your elopement vows?

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Why redwoods are the best places in America: Redwoods in California are a wonder that everyone should experience at some point in their lives. He can’t explain how big the trees are, it’s out of this world. This must be what Steven Spielberg had in mind when he decided to use this forest as the setting for the planet Endor in Star Wars. On sunny days, streams of light pass through the roof like sunlight through the stained glass windows of the church. On rainy days, a prehistoric forest mist floats by. Whatever the weather, it’s a good day to escape to the Red Forest.

Why Canyonlands National Park is the Best: Canyonlands is our national park in Moab, Utah, and is one of the best places to get away for many reasons. It’s like Yosemite in the desert with thousands of foot cliffs. There are many places to explore in the surroundings of hiking trails, white-water rafting, ancient petroglyphs, and beautiful scenery for an escape.

Why Utah is the best place to get away: BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land is public land that is not part of state or national parks. There are BLM lands all over the country, but BLM lands in Utah have some of the best escapes in the entire country. You will find rock formations, desert towers, canyons, and natural arches that are rarely found in many parks. One of the best features of BLM land is that all camping is free. You can park your rig on the edge of the cliff and finish the oven until the stars come out! We did it once to escape. Sounds great, right?

Why the Oregon coast is the best in the US: There is no bad place on the entire Oregon coast – from the California border to the Washington border, there are books post that is worth seeing. In the south coast, you can see many sea rocks and natural arches out of the sea, while there are redwoods in the ground. When you go to the north, you will encounter sand dunes, grass reminiscent of the Scottish landscape, beautiful sea cliffs, large sea stacks and pristine beaches. All along the coast are small beach towns with great seafood, oceanfront Airbnbs, and the must see (and must eat) Tillamook Cheese Factory!

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The San Juan Mountains are the Rocky Mountains of southern Colorado. Head into the mountains and you’ll find the world’s most beautiful scenery, with abandoned gold mines, epic 4×4 roads (jeeps are available in the village!), azure alpine lakes and snow- capped peaks. Crossing the mountains between Telluride and Ouray is one of the best experiences we’ve ever had, and it’s no wonder these mountains are featured in so many photos.

Hop east on I-84 in Portland and in less than an hour you’ll find yourself in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge. Home to some of Oregon’s most beautiful waterfalls (and lots of them!), flower-lined hiking trails, and scenic bluffs overlooking the mighty Columbia River, there’s no shortage of places to explore. Hood River is a beautiful town in the heart of the forest, with some great shops and restaurants that make it a great place for a vacation. You’re never far from Portland, a foodie paradise.

Joshua Tree’s scenic desert community is what makes it such a great getaway. Not only do you have Joshua Tree National Park, it’s a desert land with flowering cacti, monoliths, and the most beautiful sunsets we’ve ever seen. You also have the artists in the community that make the beautiful town of Joshua Tree a place worth living. You can shop, stay in amazing Airbnbs, eat great food, see beautiful pictures and run in really beautiful places. It really ticks all the running boxes.

As if the North Cascades and Rainier weren’t enough, Washington boasts the Olympic Mountains on the Olympic Peninsula. The mountains rise from the coast through temperate forests with moss, old trees and waterfalls. This means you can start your day exploring the beach, walk in the jungle, visit the waterfall, and end it at the top of the mountain at sunset! Being lower than the Cascade Range, the snow melts early in these mountains, so we like to visit between June and July.

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Zion is a beautiful national park and one of the best places for parents looking for a variety of forests. From sweeping vistas to narrow canyons, you can easily fill your days with non-stop fun. Zion is one of the most dangerous hikes in the world, if you make it! (Image at the top of the photo) Winter, spring, and fall are the best times to run when the weather is a little cooler and the summer crowds die down .

Big Sur is a beautiful place on the coast south of the San Francisco area. Highway 1 winds along the coastal cliffs, offering views of mountains plunging into the ocean, where waves crash against rocky peaks. It is rated as one of the most beautiful cars in America. You can spend the whole weekend walking the road, stopping to explore the beauty of the road. If you drive a little further inland, you can see red trees! If you like a little luxury on your day out, there are some great Airbnbs on the coast 😉

Foxpack Tip: Consider the vibe of your day when thinking about the best places to get away in America

Don’t just choose an escape location from a photo. Instead, think about the vibe of your entire weekend, the things that surround you, and the type of scenery that appeals to you the most. We always ask our partners, “When you close your eyes and dream of running, what do you feel around you?” We asked. Do you think the alpine weather is in the mountains? Are you surrounded by ancient trees that radiate golden light from the canopy? Do you feel the warmth of the sun on your skin as you look out over the vast forest?

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If I had to choose one word to describe Mount Rainier National Park, it would be “magical.” The trail goes through tall green forests dotted with colorful wildflowers set against the backdrop of the behemoth Mount Rainier. Did you know that Mount Rainier is a volcano? Don’t worry, the experts have taken care of it 😉 Mid-July to mid-August is the flowering season in Rainier, and September brings the fall leaves with wild blueberries covering the hills. When you go to this place, the feeling of awe and wonder will make you afraid of this place as much as each other.

Alaska didn’t want to tell. Known for its larger-than-life landscapes and beautiful wildlife, you’ll find both in Alaska’s Mt. One of the great things about Alaska is that every helicopter company flies you directly into the country and lands you on a glacier or remote mountain where you can say your vows. in solitude. Just the two of you and the wild Alaskan frontier. From Seward to the Chugach Mountains to Hatcher Pass, there are endless places to go in Alaska. Although summer brings the most weather, autumn and winter can be a good time to spend here.

You don’t have to go to the world famous and crowded Antelope Canyon to get away from Slot Canyon. Arizona and Utah are full of hidden gems that will make your day out even better. We love exploring these narrow sands and finding some great places to stay! Browse through

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