This is long overdue since i hit milestones upon milestones and haven’t done anything and even tho there’s nothing special about 238k as a number it doesnt matter we’re gonna do this and youre gonna accept my thank you ANYWAYS! but overall thats so many of u to put up w my constant shitposting and queue spam so thank you here we go


○ rules ○

✰ must be following me
⤷ optional (additional plus if you pm me your handles after following):
follow my insta | twitter | spotify
✰ reblogs count as entries, likes only as bookmarks
✰ ends august 30, 8pm PST


○ awards ○


✰ favorite url
✰ favorite icon
✰ favorite desktop theme
✰ favorite mobile theme
✰ favorite creations & uploads
✰ favorite posts
✰ favorite overall
✰ honorable mentions (x5)


○ prizes for all award winners ○


✰ a follow from me if i’m not following already
✰ original content reblogs (includes: selfies!)
✰ 30+ queues
✰ a lil place for you on my desktop theme for awhile
✰ blog rates / html help / editing help / etc upon request
✰ friendship… my soul… idk… probably more i cant think of rn