After my last relationship post reached 100k notes I figured I would make a new one with more links I could find. I tried to make these tips more interesting, hope you guys like them!


What it takes to be a ‘perfect’ girlfriend
What a sleeping position says about the relationship
4 surprising things that scare men off
10 sex things men don’t care about
10 things women hate in bed
“Actual Sexual Advice Girl”
8 things women don’t like in bed (agree tbh)
The truth about marriage
10 sex positions named after States (HAHAHA)
Signs a girlfriend is cheating
Women’s logic in sex
Ladies, 10 signs you’ve found the right one
9 things every women has while masturbating (true?)
10 things guys think turn you on, but don’t (omg)
10 sex fact that you never knew (#4 wtf..)

Signs your significant other is a keeper
That’s what I found for now! Let me know if you agree, disagree, want anything else. Thanks and enjoy guys xxx